dog meat - singeing

dog meat - singeing, burned, burning, butcher, carcass, dead dog, dog meat, dog paws, fire, flames, food dog, grilled, roasted, singeing, torch dog meat - singeing, burned, burning, butcher, carcass, dead dog, dog meat, dog paws, fire, flames, food dog, grilled, roasted, singeing, torch

dog meat - singeing

Before eating the dog: Singeing the carcass.­

This photo is part of a series called Thịt chó: eating a (hot) dog. A lots of interesting comments and reactions have been posted on the various photo sites where this series has been published.­

WARNING: These images are graphic, not suitable for kids and people with a weak stomach!

Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and disgusting (not illegal, though), but ironically we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals as long as they are not called pets.­

But for the vast majority of people on earth, cultural values are very different.­ Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures, and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich.­ You should try it some day! (if you are not vegetarian)

"Food dogs" are not pets and they have no names.­ They are bred and raised in farms, just like pigs, cows, lambs, chickens and other farm animals.­ They are usually put down "humanely" just like any other farm animal, by slitting the throat and bleeding the animal until it passes out.­ However some disturbing cases of food dogs being tortured before being slaughtered have been documented.­

This series of photos shows the process involved in preparing a dog for dinner, from slautering to cutting-up, eviscerating, de-boning, cooking and of course eating! These photos were taken in Bac Ha, a small town in the Northern part of Vietnam, and in various markets of the region.­

In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner, I just stumbled on the scene in the street and documented it, since I had my camera.­

dead dog
dog meat
dog paws
food dog
November 17, 2005
Route 153, Bắc Hà District, Lao Cai, Vietnam
I suspect the "other" farm animals they are referring to don't possess the intellect to fetch the knife that will be used to slaughter them.
its like this If u grew up your entire life in america ofcourse ur not gonna agree that dogs are food, their pets and companions But if u grow up in a place where dogs and cats and horses were meant for food then thats all ur gonna think of them u know what i mean? America+Dog=pet Vietnam+Dog=food Americans (like me) were born to know that WE DO NOT EAT OUR FAMILY PETS Vietnamese were born to know that WE EAT DOGS THAT ARE BREED FOR FOOD u know? Just like how we feel about pigs as being our breakfast thats how they feel about dogs. so again, I DO NOT EAT DOGS! I OWN 2 OF MY OWN but i swear to god if any of u dogeaters try to eat my dogs while im in vietnam ur gonna take my boneing knife to YOUR THROAT! see how humane it is on u -.- anyway, All animals are meant for somthing to someone and according to these people, ...... its food The only other way people will stop eating animals (non-vegetarian people who refuse to not eat meat) is starvation just sayin