dog meat shop - thịt chó - vietnam, butcher, carcass, dead dogs, dog head, dog meat, food dog, lang sơn, meat market, paws, raw meat, street market dog meat shop - thịt chó - vietnam, butcher, carcass, dead dogs, dog head, dog meat, food dog, lang sơn, meat market, paws, raw meat, street market
Eating Dog Meat 89 photos

Dog Meat - Thit chó: eating a (hot) dog

All those photos are Copyright © by Tristan Savatier - All Rights Reserved.­
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WARNING! This set contains 89 photos.­ Most of them are very GRAPHIC, not suitable for kids and people with a weak stomach!

Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and disgusting (not illegal, though), but we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals, as long as they are not called pets.­

But for the vast majority of people on earth, cultural values are very different.­ Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures (including China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mayanmar), and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich.­ Maybe you should try it some day (if you are not vegetarian).­

By the way, I think if westerners had to slaughter the animal themself each time they want to eat meat, there would be a lot more vegetarians! Most people would not even want to kill a chicken!

In Vietnamese, "Thịt chó" means dog meat (Thịt = meat, chó = dog), and you see this sign on countless restaurants and shops around the country.­ In many regions, it is much more common to find dog meat than beef on the market.­

"Food dogs", i.­e.­ dogs raised for meat, are not pets and they have no names.­ They are bred in farms, just like pigs, beefs, lambs, chicken and other farm animals.­ They are probably bred in cages, which may be cruel but is common for most farmed animals anywhere in the world.­ They are put down "humanely" just like any other animal used for food, usually by slitting the throat and beeding the animal until it passes out.­

This series of photos shows the process involved in preparing a dog for dinner, from slautering to cutting-up, eviscerating, be-boning, sausage-making, cooking and of course eating!

I do not personally condone cruelty to animal (any animal), and these photos are not for promoting the asian tradition of eating dog.­ But do you really think that eating a dog is worse than eating a cow, a pig, a lamb or a chichen?

Yes, In the U.­S.­, people get prison terms for what Asians do to dogs and for what europeans do to horses.­ But in India, people also get jailed for what Westerners do to cows.­

Since the majority of people looking at these photos are Americans, I was wondering if it is actually illegal to eat dog meat in the US (or for restaurants, to serve dog meat to a customer who orders some ?).­

Here is the information I got from Steve Wertz: There is no federal law against eating/­serving dog meat.­ In Hawaii, for example, it's perfectly legal as long as the dog is not a stray or has been killed inhumanely.­ Other states laws vary.­ The majority of states have laws against commercial uses of dog meat, but not necessarily personal consumption in the home.­

In California, since there are many Chinese Americans, they had to make it illegal to eat dog meat or any "animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion ".­(California PENAL CODE Section 598b).­

but wait.­.­.­ "animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion ".­.­.­ "traditionally or commonly" ? what does that mean, precisely? I suppose they want it to mean "cats and dogs", but a lawyer could certainely argue that this law is much too vague to be enforceable.­ For exemple, does this cover fish pets (kept in fishbowls)? hmmm.­.­.­

Interestingly enough, California has a much stronger protection to prevent horses from being slaughtered for the purpose of eating them as meat (California PENAL CODE Section 598c)

I've heard that the US exports a lot of horse meat to europe (where is it commonly eaten, just like cows and pigs), but they have to slaughter the horses in other states.­

I like this un-attributed quote:
"If one condemns eating of the meat of one particular animal, one must condemn the eating of the meats of ALL animals.­ Those who do not are just a pot calling a kettle black."

These photos were taken one evening of November 2005.­ The first series (up to the dinner) was taken in Bac Ha, a small town in the Northern part of Vietnam, not far from the Chinese border.­ The following photos showing dog meat shops on markets were taken on various markets of the region, including Bac Ha, Cao Bằng and Lang Sơn.­

In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner, I just stumbled on the scene in the street and documented it, since I had my camera.­

Some of these photos have been published in the 25 Jan 06 issue of Bild-Zeitung, Germany's
largest mass circulation newspaper
. See also this post in the BildBlog.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Some of the photos of this series have been published on March 7, 2009 by a major Thai newspaper called manager.­co.­th, without my permission.­ This is a typical case of copyright infringement.­ See the article and readers comments (in Thai).

NEW DEVELOPMENT: After I published this set, I got BANNED from the Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! group - even though i did not post any of these photos in their pool (i just provided the link for anyone interested).­ Censoring /­ banning me for this shows how most westerners are inceadibly shocked by these images, to the point of considering censorship to prevent other from seeing them.­ Punish a photo-journalist for his good work? Amazing.­.­.­

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Those photos have been illegally used to make a slideshow video entitled "dogs market in hanoi" promoting racism and hate speech against asian people.­ This video was published on Youtube.­ It has been removed after I filed a copyright enfringement claim.­ If you see other copies of this video, please notify me immediately.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Yahoo/­Flickr required that most of the photos in this set be marked 'restricted', i.­e.­ CENSORED from non-members.­ Flicker members must set their SafeSearch Filter to OFF in their Flickr account's Privacy and Permissions tab, or watch them on www.­dog-meat.­com

PREVIOUS DEVELOPMENT: Most of the 89 photos in this set have now been CENSORED by Flickr (they say those are "inappropriate /­ contentious images", not allowed to be public according to the Flickr Community Guidelines).­ You can read the discussion regarding Flickr Censorship in this forum.

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