eating dog meat

Dog Meat - Thit chó: eating a (hot) dog

All those photos are Copyright © by Tristan Savatier - All Rights Reserved.­
No commercial use without written permission.­

WARNING! This set contains 89 photos.­ Most of them are very GRAPHIC, not suitable for kids and people with a weak stomach!

Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and disgusting (not illegal, though), but we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals, as long as they are not called pets.­

But for the vast majority of people on earth, cultural values are very different.­ Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures (including China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mayanmar), and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich.­ Maybe you should try it some day (if you are not vegetarian).­

By the way, I think if westerners had to slaughter the animal themself each time they want to eat meat, there would be a lot more vegetarians! Most people would not even want to kill a chicken!

In Vietnamese, "Thịt chó" means dog meat (Thịt = meat, chó = dog), and you see this sign on countless restaurants and shops around the country.­ In many regions, it is much more common to find dog meat than beef on the market.­

"Food dogs", i.­e.­ dogs raised for meat, are not pets and they have no names.­ They are bred in farms, just like pigs, beefs, lambs, chicken and other farm animals.­ They are probably bred in cages, which may be cruel but is common for most farmed animals anywhere in the world.­ They are put down "humanely" just like any other animal used for food, usually by slitting the throat and beeding the animal until it passes out.­

This series of photos shows the process involved in preparing a dog for dinner, from slautering to cutting-up, eviscerating, be-boning, sausage-making, cooking and of course eating!

I do not personally condone cruelty to animal (any animal), and these photos are not for promoting the asian tradition of eating dog.­ But do you really think that eating a dog is worse than eating a cow, a pig, a lamb or a chichen?

Yes, In the U.­S.­, people get prison terms for what Asians do to dogs and for what europeans do to horses.­ But in India, people also get jailed for what Westerners do to cows.­

Since the majority of people looking at these photos are Americans, I was wondering if it is actually illegal to eat dog meat in the US (or for restaurants, to serve dog meat to a customer who orders some ?).­

Here is the information I got from Steve Wertz: There is no federal law against eating/­serving dog meat.­ In Hawaii, for example, it's perfectly legal as long as the dog is not a stray or has been killed inhumanely.­ Other states laws vary.­ The majority of states have laws against commercial uses of dog meat, but not necessarily personal consumption in the home.­

In California, since there are many Chinese Americans, they had to make it illegal to eat dog meat or any "animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion ".­(California PENAL CODE Section 598b).­

but wait.­.­.­ "animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion ".­.­.­ "traditionally or commonly" ? what does that mean, precisely? I suppose they want it to mean "cats and dogs", but a lawyer could certainely argue that this law is much too vague to be enforceable.­ For exemple, does this cover fish pets (kept in fishbowls)? hmmm.­.­.­

Interestingly enough, California has a much stronger protection to prevent horses from being slaughtered for the purpose of eating them as meat (California PENAL CODE Section 598c)

I've heard that the US exports a lot of horse meat to europe (where is it commonly eaten, just like cows and pigs), but they have to slaughter the horses in other states.­

I like this un-attributed quote:
"If one condemns eating of the meat of one particular animal, one must condemn the eating of the meats of ALL animals.­ Those who do not are just a pot calling a kettle black."

These photos were taken one evening of November 2005.­ The first series (up to the dinner) was taken in Bac Ha, a small town in the Northern part of Vietnam, not far from the Chinese border.­ The following photos showing dog meat shops on markets were taken on various markets of the region, including Bac Ha, Cao Bằng and Lang Sơn.­

In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner, I just stumbled on the scene in the street and documented it, since I had my camera.­

Some of these photos have been published in the 25 Jan 06 issue of Bild-Zeitung, Germany's
largest mass circulation newspaper
. See also this post in the BildBlog.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Some of the photos of this series have been published on March 7, 2009 by a major Thai newspaper called manager.­co.­th, without my permission.­ This is a typical case of copyright infringement.­ See the article and readers comments (in Thai).

NEW DEVELOPMENT: After I published this set, I got BANNED from the Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! group - even though i did not post any of these photos in their pool (i just provided the link for anyone interested).­ Censoring /­ banning me for this shows how most westerners are inceadibly shocked by these images, to the point of considering censorship to prevent other from seeing them.­ Punish a photo-journalist for his good work? Amazing.­.­.­

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Those photos have been illegally used to make a slideshow video entitled "dogs market in hanoi" promoting racism and hate speech against asian people.­ This video was published on Youtube.­ It has been removed after I filed a copyright enfringement claim.­ If you see other copies of this video, please notify me immediately.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Yahoo/­Flickr required that most of the photos in this set be marked 'restricted', i.­e.­ CENSORED from non-members.­ Flicker members must set their SafeSearch Filter to OFF in their Flickr account's Privacy and Permissions tab, or watch them on www.­dog-meat.­com

PREVIOUS DEVELOPMENT: Most of the 89 photos in this set have now been CENSORED by Flickr (they say those are "inappropriate /­ contentious images", not allowed to be public according to the Flickr Community Guidelines).­ You can read the discussion regarding Flickr Censorship in this forum.

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This series is part of my Vietnam photo album.

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Don't hesitate to leave a comment.­

I think we should be open minded when viewing this. That we should understand that this is culture and not 'heartless slaughter'. It might go against your virtues but it's because we're all brought up in different environments, our ways of thinking will always be different from others. Eating dogs like most have already said, is like how other countries butcher cows and goats.
In some countries, there are chicken, lobster, goat, etc, pets. Yet we still eat chicken and lamb. Does that mean we're slaughtering good pets? No. Why? Some animals are 'bred' to be eaten. Does that make it any less inhumane? The act of eating animals that are bred especially for consumption was never what nature had programmed us to do. We should only take what's necessary for survival and not to bred others just to eat them.
If eating dog meant is cruel, so is eating any other type of meat. Do we not slaughter and dissemble other life-forms and cook them the same way? It can be highly disturbing to some, but that's why there's the option to turn vegetarian.
I think we shouldn't be biased just because you can see the process of cooking dog meat. It is cruel, but it's not the people's fault, or their culture. Because if we think hard about it, everyone in this world has taken a life (no matter how small)at least once in their lifetime, unconsciously or consciously.
It's because dogs weren't ment to be eaten like cows, they are naturally nice and easy to train so THEY can get food for US, not turn INTO OUR FOOD!
I come from China.Now,more and more Chinese realize that dogs are our friends.We have little to eat dog meat.
It's too brutal.
I dislike killing animals, and i do think that dogs and cats are household pets. but as many have said they are not tortured, they are slaughtered, and as many of you are considering yourselves knowing of what actually happens and boasting an opinion that WILL NOT be seen by these people, i have done my research before posting this and as much as i dislike the death and the eating of dogs and cats primarily, this is all from a cultural point here, how long have the Asians been on the earth, many many years, I'm not saying that because they are an older civilization means they can do whatever I'm saying that in the past stuff like this has happened to dogs and cats (I'm mainly talking about dogs and cats). there is absolutely nothing that can be done. Now if someone just came up and cut up my cat or my dog i would be pretty f*cken pissed of, as would any of us, because we would have labeled them as our family or pet.
The reason i put this up was because many of you are just b*tching for the sake of doing so. If it seems like i was being more biased to one side of my post then by all means flame me, but what can i do right?
Just one correction; most arabs don't consider dogs to be the scum of the earth, but they consider them to be dirty. So they would not let a dog lick them, or jump all over them, or allow a dog to sleep in their bed, or share food with them. They do have a long history of using dogs as companions and livestock protectors, so they treat the dog as an animal. Just wanted to point that out; thumbs up to all your efforts, some people can't see beyond their own cultural biases and just arbitrarily favour one animal over another.
Yes loupoite is correct, it is a cultural issue. Also i wouldn't call veitman a third world country compaired other countrys arround the world. Personaly aiioe, i dont see how you can justify your comment on their ecomonic and social status considering they whipped americas arses in the war on a diet based on rice and probibly dog meat amongst other things. I think you should think harder before you stand on your pedestal and dictate what others "deserve"
All these animal lover saying it is barbaric to eat dog. Here is a question for you. Is eating McDonal and any fast food place any different? Have you seen what they do in the slaughter house? do you know what you are eating, when you order a burger from McDonal? At least the meat is fresh and well cook with no preservative. All those ignorant who comment about dog being a pet, are brain dead morons. Dogs r bred into pets and can be bred into farms animal. In America we hunt deer, hogs, aligator, mountain lion, squirrel, raccoon, and etc for food. So please stfu about barbaric eating bull shit. Anyone who eat meat should stfu and not criticize another culture like a hypocrite. If you would hit the text book, you will find out that what you are eating is far more disgusting.
Excellent site. I've eaten dog meat when visiting China and Philippines and it tasted delicious. When I came back to Finland some people where horrified when I told that I have eaten dog meat, but I just explain that it is like eating any other meat (pig, reindeer, cow, chicken, fish, horse etc.). I think people who are against eating dog meat are arrogant and double standard people. I only understand vegetarians if they don't like to eat dog meat, because they don't eat other meat either.
I'm an American and I think this looks delicious. Pratically prepared the same way common meats in the U.S are prepared. Marzu's probably one of those crazy PEDA people. I wonder were PEDA was for illegal Whale hunting... So much for ethical treatment of animals. I wonder if PEDA or anyone else like Marzu is aware of people in the south eating racoons and Opossums. Right now the U.S is over populated with homless cats and dogs that have to be killed and are later processed into crappy animal feed. Noone seems to have a problem with that. Maybe U.S citizens should eat cats and dogs to due to the overpopulation.
I'm in the USA,and have written a book(Hill Of Sorrow)of a family's personal account and involvement with this subject,and its seemingly much much to controversial for those whom I have presented the manual script to!Seeking now an editor/producer that has the heart and guts to show the truth in regards to this subject. Beautiful that you show it like it is......Peace."Dee
those animals are slaughtered before being prepared, just like cows and pigs. they are not tortured while alive, or if they are, then this is animal cuelty and it should be punished. the dogs on those photos were slautered before being butchered. by the way, dogs are not skinned, they are singed, exactly like pigs.
You think that a skinning alive dog or a cat is a "normal, cultural thing"?! Unbelivable! I wish someone will do the same thing to them and to you since it is ok...Dogs are household pets and our companions not a farm animal...
Some people say that dog is man best friend but look at you'll eating dog. i can not believe that you 'll really eat the dog you'll don't have mind to eat the dogs.
seeing all the process it is like eating any other meat,pig, cow, tuckey, duck, horse, etc.. it's a cultural thing, that's all.. that doesnt make them bad persons either, it's just their culture.
Okay, what if one of these countries will have a disaster (earthquake, flood, anything)? I hope they won't ask for help the dogs to find their children/parents/loves under the debris... These 'people' don't have soul... I hope this countries never will be in better situation, they don't deserve it.
this is a cultural point of view. in arabic countries, dogs are considered to be the scum of the earth and the dirtiest creature, and calling someone a dog is the worst insult. in some other countries, dogs are considered to me just another edible animal that can be raised in farms. remember that pigs are more intelligent than dogs, yet a lot of people have no problem eating pigs. so the intelligence argument hold little water. and do you eat cow? do you know that cows are considered sacred animals in india, and eating them is the most barbaric thing (for indian people). you see, it's a very cultural issue.
Just to be clear, dogs AREN'T like farm animals. They are common household pets and often considered to be a member of the family. Unlike barn animals, they are highly intelligent companions. With dozen's of other animals available to consume, dogs should be DEAD LAST. Any nation that succumbs to slaughtering and eating them is no better than canibals in my opinion. No wonder Vietnam is a third world country. They deserve their social and economic status.
So its alright to eat chicken, beef, pig, cow, turkey and all fowl of this earth but a damn dog we cant eat. Bite me. Im in chicago cooking up Fido now.
been there done that. just a reminder to some of you folks, this is a life style like beef is to us. They do use all the parts of the dog and it is good.
I love dogs they taste good with Bar-B-Que sauce
I can't get over that woman smiling so happily in the photos, I'd love to punch her hard in the mouth - fuckin' moron.
If any Korean person TORTURES a dog to death, as I know some of them do as I've seen the videos on YouTube - then of course that Korean person is a vile subhuman. Apart from that, I suppose many people will just have to accept that farming and eating dogs is no better or worse than e.g. cows, sheep, chickens etc. My main point however goes back to the torture issue. If that is still happening, then I pray that the people doing it will have the worst luck on earth. I really mean that. They deserve hell for indulging in evil filth, and are surely not human.
Yummy! People that are revolted over this are really arrogant. So what, they live in an agrarian society and are not affluent like the west. GET OVER IT!
wtf is wrong with you how could you say that maybe if you gave a little more time to your dog it wouldnt relieve its self on the carpet
any one who is involved in this is sick it's cruality what is a matter with you people what in your mind tells you that killing dogs is right then you go and put pics on the internet no one wants to see that and frankly if i were to ever see anyone kill a dog i personaly would punch them in there face
I saw the photoset long ago when you posted it at Deliciousdogs. New domain for those fotos. Good to see you are around, and not that good to see people keep acting as shocked as before. Not like I expected things to change anyway.
I hope some people will make an efford look things from a distance, take some time to read your explanations, and at least take a thought at other realities and cultures and uses being as good as ours.
If my dog shits on the carpet again, I'm going to eat him. Please send recipes.
This isn't so bad. People are horrified that Japanese eat dolphin, whale and shark meat, Finnish eat reindeer and Icelandic eat puffins. Then, Muslims don't eat pork and Hindi think cow as a sacred animal. The differences between cultures are enormous. :>
It`s so funny so read your comments about dog meat! I`m going to travel to Vietnam soon and looked in the internet about links about dogs (as FOOD).
Here i can read so much stupidity from people that don`t see the difference between a pet OR red meat!
DOGS are FOOD or PETS! The difference is OR !!!
I really give a *** about people in West World trying to save dogs from becoming menue-members in the 3rd world + making this to a worldwide problem.
Those pictures are making me very hungry.
JC - you are precisely the kind of hippy that I was referring to. If you don't want to eat meat that's fine - please don't force your views on others. Vegetarian? Please. We're omniverious - go to your dentist and ask him what those canine teeth in your mouth are for (unless you're so dedicated you had yours removed?). Jesus wept.
to them the dog is like the local chicken or pig. i think its gross but you are talking about people that have been doing this for 1000's of years just. we have been eating pigs for 1000"s of years and people have them as pets. weird!
Aw ... So sweet to read all those reactions from touchy and delicate westerns. @ Zakke : Pathetic arrogant. In nature everything is part of the circle of life. Dogs , cats ,birds, fishes, plants, you, and me. So stop bitching you hypocrites ! I personally adore cats, but if i have to kill and eat a cat in order to survive, i do it. It's not cruelty to kill Bobby or cook Tom if we are hungry. Animal cruelty is what that fuckers in Spain do to bulls, in a family circus. Just for the fun. Or the way Canadians kill baby seals, just for the fur. Before you speak of animal cruelty, take a look to what you eat and what you wear. Pay close attention to that and maybe you will start thinking about living naked. All those comments above belongs to people who thinks they're soo civilized and clean living in their TV bubbles. Feeling so safe and decent and caring while no one touches your nose and your pocket, right ? Do you really know how's the world outside ? I bet you anything that if you're hungry enough, you will eat your own neighbors. Be humble, you stupids.
The way animals are treated in slaughter houses in general is a disgrace! I'm a vegetarian and I talk about not eating meat to people everyday! Keep up the great effort and together we will make a diffrence!
Cows, chicken and especially pigs are just as intelligent as dogs. No animal should be suffering!
Eating animals in general is unnecessary! There are so many diffrent options so many vegetables and fruits available to humans. The way animals are treated in any slaughterhouse is disgusting and heart breaking. The only way we can eliminate animal suffering by realizing that meat is not good for us and educating outsleves and each other on proper nutrition. Vegetarianism is way to be to make a diffrence in the world one animal at a time. Vegetarian saves lives everyday. Think about that. Lets make a diffrence together!
you forget GOD becuse god maded animal u eat. sham sham sham.....please love all animal dont eat ///kamal14578 [email removed - click "Add a Comment" to view email]
I'm sure the vietnamese are saying the same thing about Americans, the only difference being that instead of YELLOW evil, WHITE evil would be more suited to americans. While Americans are sitting in luxury comfort, the rest of the world writhes in poverty and pollution.
You are mistaken. Pigs are highly intelligent, being closely related to humans.However on the intelligence part, i think that YOU need to be compared to the pig, no the PIG compared to you.
Wrong. Dogs are omnivores. Are the chickens and cows not helpless to avoid their death as well? Or are you just to dim to see through the fluffy cuteness that dogs are animals just like chickens and cows
Tell me this: Have you seen how people kill animals in slaughterhouses? They do in exactly the same way. By slitting the throat. That is the quickest and least painful death. And you say they have no heart. When Americans eat beef, they think of it as nothing, but to asian people, the cow is used to plow the fields, to carry loads, to pull carts, to transprt people and is therefore too essential to life to eat. Then, you must find a alternative for protien.
I hope that all Vietnamies will be killed soon!! Fuck that people. Yellow evil!!!!!
Sick people eats dog... (Man Best Friend)
I am a person who is fighting horse slaughter here in the United States. Here we see that cultural differences in what a person does in their own country, but we take no action to stop kill buyers from sending our horses to Mexico and Canada to be sold for horse meat in France, Japan and other countries.
Please help us by contacting your representatives to pass HR 503 and S 727 and while you are at it also fight for HR 1018 for our wild horses. We use to have 2 million wild horses, we now have less than 33,000, if that. The BLM management has been killing off our wild horses year by year. Thank you. Liane
you people are sick. Dogs are intelligent and loyal animals/pets compared to cows, chickens, and pigs. And stuff like this is frowned apon in most countries.You people are sick and wrong and are heartless. Honestly if u werent paying attention someone could of taken ur child without you knowing, killed them, and served them in the stew and you would not of thought twice about. Yeah that was probably harsh but you know it has probably already happened.
Ok you fag, who the hell are you to say that God dont love ANYBODY just cause they ate an animal. Its people like you who call themselves a christian and then end up in hell because theylive a lie they're whole lives! I have two dogs, both of whom i love, and yet still when i went to china i ate dog meat and it was preety good, some cultures thought it was an honor for a pet dog to be eaten when it died, it spends its whole life helping a family and serving it, this way it can still serve after death. If we eat a fucking chicken or a pig, why the hell cant we eat a dog?!
While I do not condone eating any animal, I commend you on your excellent photo journalism and unbiased arguments on this website. It's a shame that people would censor you, instead of trying to understand other cultures. Keep your head up!
As I understand, you are either a vegan or support veganism. I personally have an understanding that we, as humnas, will kill animals at times for our own sustenace. I also realize that the general public can access information on how to skin a dog. The expanse of photos posted here lead me to believe that you enjoy this ritual in a way that surpasses the need for food. As well, if you ARE a vegan or support veganism you need to be schooled on the definition of the word - seriously.
Look at the backgound of the photos! Don't you find poverty there?
More disgusting is the smiling chinese woman. They were thinking you guys were friendly and curiously appreciting the peculiar way of local custom. They didnt know your reasons! They were told to accept it since childhood. Don;t you find the one showing off? They thought you would like it as they did and showed off to manifest their friendship. If you guys were disgusting, why not point out reasoning directly to the chinese feeling nothing about it
As a Chinese, I'm really feeling disgusting. But I think the Chinese eating dogs in this way are the ones of very low quality among 1.3 billion Chinese. They are poor people and haven't been educated to treat animals well by their same poor parents. If there are acceptable ways to produce dog meat, they are probably processed like pork and beef without disgust above.
I know your guys feel antipathy against the chinese dinner. But believe me, the chinese fancying those things are of low quality! There are 1.3 billion chinese among which most are poor and pitiful. there is no guarantee that everyboby are evenly educated to show mercy
This is horrible.Eastern people sucks.
i think its gross to eat dog. but its like how most people eat cow, sheep, duck, etc. it isn't any different. I guess most people see dogs as pets.
Vietnamese see dogmeat as a delicacy and is very expensive, so I doubt they are eating dogs because they are going hungry as mostly the rich and upper middle class can afford it.I can understand if their family is going hungry and there is nothing else to eat. Personally I would bash someone bashing on a helpless dog. Theres a big difference between Dogs and pigs, cows, goat chickens..etc....Dogs are Carnivours, I wouldnt eat a Carnivore. Animals that are carnivorous tend to carry more diseases and worms that can pass on to humans, even if you cook it, so its just plain "DIRTY". Thats just how I roll, Its like eating a human being. I grew up in the Philippines and it is illegal there, but it still happens. You get caught and its jail time buddy, and Phillippine jails are not to be laughed at.
*MOST dogs used for eating. Not all. The fur-industry is something else entirely, of course... :/
If you actually read what I wrote, you'd realize that I'd never condone animal cruelty. In asian culture, there's a belief that says that the better an animal is treated, the better it tastes, so while they DO need education in animal welfare, dogs used for eating really aren't that bad off as PETA and other rabid groups want to make you believe.
I am NOT condoning animal cruelty, but eating a dog that has otherwise been treated well doesn't get me angry in any way whatsoever.
Funny how you think you can judge how good of a vet nurse I am online though. ;)
if you were an animal lover you would not justify what these people are doing. the way these people kill these dogs is horrific and if you do not agree then you do not have any feeling whatsoever. i do not condemn them for eating what is availabe to them just like we eat cows, but i completely disagree with the way they treat and kill them. i was horrified to read you are a veterinary nurse as i am one aswell and would never justify anyone treating those poor dogs the way they do. spending their lives crushed in those tiny cages and then being killed so barbarically. you are a poor excuse for a nurse and should not be allowed in this field of work. i am absoloutely appalled at your naive views. i am not a vegetarian and i do agree with eating meat. i DO NOT agree with the way these dogs are treated and neither should anyone else who is capable of having emotions.
the comments above are not immature, they are from caring people who actually have a heart and you are obviously a heartless, completely uneducated person. they may eat dogs like we eat cows and pigs but there is one huge difference. they are barabric people and no they do not kill their animals humanely like we do which is why it is so wrong. if you saw how they kill them, hopefully, if you have any emotions, you would be horrified so think twice before you justify what these people are doing
Sorry for posting again, but I want to thank the photographer and people involved with making this site... I admit to being a hypocrite and actually crying for these cute fluffy dogs, but remaining psyched that I am having bacon steak for dinner - it's just a pig after all. ;)
It gives people a huge cultural insight, and I for one don't mind broadening my horizon, even if it's sometimes uncomfortable! I hope it makes people think!
I wouldn't risk it. Never sell to suspicious people! I breed chihuahuas and dalmatians myself, and I wouldn't sell to a person like that, unless you're perfectly okay with the consequences (that he might eat it).
I wouldn't be. ;)
Are you vegetarian? Because even the bible says that the animals - ALL OF THEM - were put onto this planet for us to eat.
Maybe dogs don't count because they're cute and fluffy... but eating pigs, cows and chicken is PERFECTLY okay! :D
Does God hate those who eat pigs and cows, or are they saved from damnation because these animals aren't cute and fluffy? Does it make us more civilized that we DON'T eat dogs, but prefer chicken, pig and cow (unless you're Indian...)? I doubt it... in fact, it's sad to see that these people, many of them without an education and means of getting one are more open minded and obviously smarter than many of us in the western world!
If you want to practice what you preach, get out there and help them get the food YOU think is right and teach them about animal welfare! Open a dog shelter or something! These people are just getting by.
I myself am an animal lover and have been volunteering for the Danish equivalent of the SPCA since I was a child. I own two dogs, both rescues, as well as a cat and three ferrets, and I often take in abused animals and re-home them, paying everything out of my own pocket. Yet, if I were to visit someplace where it's normal to eat and be served dog meat, I would try it in a heart beat! As long as I knew the animal was treated well and put down humanely, like I do with any other kind of meat I eat!
I have eaten almost everything - kangaroo, camel, crocodile, rabbit, hares, boars, squirrel and just about every meat offered in the western world, and I'm happy I had these experiences- cultural and culinary!
And if it makes me unloved by God, a barbarian and uncivilized, I say it's worth it! I'm much richer than most of you people posting snide comments.
...And I'm a vet nurse with an education and 10 years experience, GASP!
We don't eat dogs... It's really strange for us. But there is no difference between dog and pig. Actually I don't like to eat animals that I have seen alive.
thanks for your excellent comment!
there are many 'funny' immature comments above. Dog status in our culture is so high that all these dog lovers think a bit irrationally. Where's all that empathy when they eat cow? or a pig? That's just ridiculous. I used to live in Taiwan, where eating dogs is forbidden BUT there were many hungry and forgotten stray dogs on the street that sometimes I was thinking it would have been more merciful to terminate its painful life and, why not to feed someone by the way? We, fragile Westerners, get our steaks in supermarkets, put them in our baskets, cook them & eat, but when we see such pics we are highly disgusted - dog, man's best friend? yuck! cute kitten? how dare they! rat? swan? coacroach? .... sometimes you don't realise YOU TOO kill ANIMALS and there's really no difference in what animal is it. "don't kill innocent dogs"? so are all these peaceful cows sinners? people, think twice!!!
interesting set, strong, descriptive. Not that cruel when you ever been to the buther's. thanks for sharing.
shucK.., wHy do yOu dO that 2 aLl iNnoceNt dOgs and PuPpy..!!! yoU have noT a Right Thing to do That. BEcauSe aLL of us GiFt frOm God, AnimaL or peOple sHall leaVe with frEEdOm and no One can sTrike Them PlssSS..,, dOnt kiLL aNd Eat Them pLssS..,
yes, people should ban dog meat. Would you like to be eaten by some monster? Treat others the way you want to be treated.
no Wonder they are in poverty.. God don't love them.. God don't bless them.. For those who are care for this, please save dog live. don't go to Vietnam, may they will eat you also.. they are so barbaric, inhumanity..
OMG... I am selling AKC Choc. lab puppies and a vietnamese person sent money for me to hold the biggest/fattest male.. he said he didn't really care what the puppy looks like as long as he is big/fat... I live here in mid east state Should I worry???
lol u talk like chink....u funny...but dey should no eat doggg dat no kool
Why u do that?!?!?!?!!?!? we not want dog dead!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry...I know this's they traditional but...that DOG!!! and puppy!!!