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Eating Dog Meat 89 photos

Dog Meat - Thit chó: eating a (hot) dog

All those photos are Copyright © by Tristan Savatier - All Rights Reserved.­
No commercial use without written permission.­

WARNING! This set contains 89 photos.­ Most of them are very GRAPHIC, not suitable for kids and people with a weak stomach!

Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and disgusting (not illegal, though), but we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals, as long as they are not called pets.­

But for the vast majority of people on earth, cultural values are very different.­ Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures (including China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mayanmar), and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich.­ Maybe you should try it some day (if you are not vegetarian).­

By the way, I think if westerners had to slaughter the animal themself each time they want to eat meat, there would be a lot more vegetarians! Most people would not even want to kill a chicken!

In Vietnamese, "Thịt chó" means dog meat (Thịt = meat, chó = dog), and you see this sign on countless restaurants and shops around the country.­ In many regions, it is much more common to find dog meat than beef on the market.­

"Food dogs", i.­e.­ dogs raised for meat, are not pets and they have no names.­ They are bred in farms, just like pigs, beefs, lambs, chicken and other farm animals.­ They are probably bred in cages, which may be cruel but is common for most farmed animals anywhere in the world.­ They are put down "humanely" just like any other animal used for food, usually by slitting the throat and beeding the animal until it passes out.­

This series of photos shows the process involved in preparing a dog for dinner, from slautering to cutting-up, eviscerating, be-boning, sausage-making, cooking and of course eating!

I do not personally condone cruelty to animal (any animal), and these photos are not for promoting the asian tradition of eating dog.­ But do you really think that eating a dog is worse than eating a cow, a pig, a lamb or a chichen?

Yes, In the U.­S.­, people get prison terms for what Asians do to dogs and for what europeans do to horses.­ But in India, people also get jailed for what Westerners do to cows.­

Since the majority of people looking at these photos are Americans, I was wondering if it is actually illegal to eat dog meat in the US (or for restaurants, to serve dog meat to a customer who orders some ?).­

Here is the information I got from Steve Wertz: There is no federal law against eating/­serving dog meat.­ In Hawaii, for example, it's perfectly legal as long as the dog is not a stray or has been killed inhumanely.­ Other states laws vary.­ The majority of states have laws against commercial uses of dog meat, but not necessarily personal consumption in the home.­

In California, since there are many Chinese Americans, they had to make it illegal to eat dog meat or any "animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion ".­(California PENAL CODE Section 598b).­

but wait.­.­.­ "animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion ".­.­.­ "traditionally or commonly" ? what does that mean, precisely? I suppose they want it to mean "cats and dogs", but a lawyer could certainely argue that this law is much too vague to be enforceable.­ For exemple, does this cover fish pets (kept in fishbowls)? hmmm.­.­.­

Interestingly enough, California has a much stronger protection to prevent horses from being slaughtered for the purpose of eating them as meat (California PENAL CODE Section 598c)

I've heard that the US exports a lot of horse meat to europe (where is it commonly eaten, just like cows and pigs), but they have to slaughter the horses in other states.­

I like this un-attributed quote:
"If one condemns eating of the meat of one particular animal, one must condemn the eating of the meats of ALL animals.­ Those who do not are just a pot calling a kettle black."

These photos were taken one evening of November 2005.­ The first series (up to the dinner) was taken in Bac Ha, a small town in the Northern part of Vietnam, not far from the Chinese border.­ The following photos showing dog meat shops on markets were taken on various markets of the region, including Bac Ha, Cao Bằng and Lang Sơn.­

In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner, I just stumbled on the scene in the street and documented it, since I had my camera.­

Some of these photos have been published in the 25 Jan 06 issue of Bild-Zeitung, Germany's
largest mass circulation newspaper
. See also this post in the BildBlog.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Some of the photos of this series have been published on March 7, 2009 by a major Thai newspaper called manager.­co.­th, without my permission.­ This is a typical case of copyright infringement.­ See the article and readers comments (in Thai).

NEW DEVELOPMENT: After I published this set, I got BANNED from the Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! group - even though i did not post any of these photos in their pool (i just provided the link for anyone interested).­ Censoring /­ banning me for this shows how most westerners are inceadibly shocked by these images, to the point of considering censorship to prevent other from seeing them.­ Punish a photo-journalist for his good work? Amazing.­.­.­

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Those photos have been illegally used to make a slideshow video entitled "dogs market in hanoi" promoting racism and hate speech against asian people.­ This video was published on Youtube.­ It has been removed after I filed a copyright enfringement claim.­ If you see other copies of this video, please notify me immediately.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Yahoo/­Flickr required that most of the photos in this set be marked 'restricted', i.­e.­ CENSORED from non-members.­ Flicker members must set their SafeSearch Filter to OFF in their Flickr account's Privacy and Permissions tab, or watch them on www.­dog-meat.­com

PREVIOUS DEVELOPMENT: Most of the 89 photos in this set have now been CENSORED by Flickr (they say those are "inappropriate /­ contentious images", not allowed to be public according to the Flickr Community Guidelines).­ You can read the discussion regarding Flickr Censorship in this forum.

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People like you are completely fine with eating packaged meat from supermarkets but if you were ever stuck in a situation where you had to butcher an animal for food, you wouldn't be able to do it. Ignorant hypocrites like you make me sick and disgusted. Killing animals for food is a way of life and if you can't accept it then you shouldn't be eating meat. Did you ever think that these people might not have the luxury of beef, pork or chicken to put on their plates every day? Dog is just as good of a meat as any.
Ok, there are a number of issues here. 1) The treatment of the dogs. After having lived in Vietnam for many years I would have to say that the animals are not treated very well, but not particularly cruelly. The animals are small cages but are not especially maltreated (as far as I've seen. 2) Is eating dog morally right or wrong? I must admit I've had the same (that's horrible) attitude, having lovely dags as family pets, however I think that if certain issues are not applicable (are the animals mistreated, enrivonmental, hygiene issues etc) I think it boils down to personal choice. I do think also that it's insensitive to dismiss it as 'wrong' when many many many world cultures eat insects, cats, snakes, basically anything. I think if the species is not threatened and the animals are not treated badly, then eating dog has the same moral value as eating any animal. 4) People often feel it's wrong because they think of dogs as pets. That's fine, don't eat dog and avoid dog restaurants. But the issue is alot greyer when one thinks that rabbits, fish, birds are often pets too. Only really are cats, weasels, dogs kept as pets in western cultures without people eating them. 4) The taste. I've eaten three kinds of dog in Ha Noi, and all three were horrible, really really horrible and seemingly pretty typical preperation of dog meat. So avoid it if you like. Having tried it I would say avoid and stick to pork, although pigs are according to some sclaes more intelligent than dogs. So maybe give it all up and eat veggies, they are better for you and better for the environment
Cows are also domesticated animals that have co-existed with humans for thousands of years... yet you find it perfectly normal to butcher them and eat them, right?
This practice is barbaric and WRONG - I don't care what your culture is. Dogs are domesticated animals that have co-existed with humans for thousands of years! The manner in which they are executed is appaling and the perpetraters should be jailed (I'm being kind here). I calling to boycott travel to Vietnam!
My main concern is the process of slaughter. I understand that different cultures eat different things, but I feel that whatever people chose to eat they should use the most humane way of killing that animal. I have also heard that Koreans believe the meat is tastier if the animal is in extreme distress at the time of death. This would include torturing the animals until they die. I believe this is not a good reaction in any culture. Eat what you want, but give the animal a humane life with a quick and painless death.
dogs are inteligent as all predators. and are funktion in different way. than prey animals. Not that is ok to slaughter a pry animals and keep them in poor conditions ither. the difference betwen a dog and a wolf. are that a dog seek instinctively humans help in finding a solution to a problem. and regardless of you state this is slaughter dogs( sick!) you cant take away instinct! this animals are stressed. they dont live nearly in a natural way fore a dog. the dogs are tramatised. it is a good reason this asian countries are criticied over this discuasting handling of animals. cats.racons.walesharks and much more....
I moved to Vietnam last summer and I taste some dog meals and ... OMG, that was so good ! I have another opinion about dogs now :) when I see them, I want them on a barbecue ^^
How completely egotistical, placing your personal values (and idiocy) on another people or culture. Cows are sacred in India (so are Rats in some areas). In Africa elephants are eaten, in Australia; kangaroo and in the US horse was a more common staple then many would like to think. In parts of South America natives will eat almost anything they can hunt or find. Many times during the history of humanity people have resorted to cannibalism. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis skeletons have been found in Europe "ritually defleshed," but were likely eaten as the same techniques for skinning common animals were used. Live and let live -- or rather, live and let eat.
but dogs are best people's freinds and pets....and not food D:
I agree C: I think you have a good head on your shoulders. Some of the comments by people on this site are laughable XD
thes people are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!