Dead Dog Carcass - Dog Meat

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Dead Dog Carcass - Dog Meat

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In many Asian countries (including Vietnam, China, Korea) people routinely eat dog meat just like we eat beef, pork or chicken. In those asian cultures, dog meat is a delicacy. Please read the entire story below.

Before eating the dog: Carcass must be deboned.

This photo is part of a series called Thịt chó: eating a (hot) dog. A lots of interesting comments and reactions have been posted on the various photo sites where this series has been published.

On Flickr, most photos of this series have been censored (i.e. marked "restricted") because they are deemed too controversial for viewers in western countries.

WARNING: These images are graphic, not suitable for kids and people with a weak stomach!

Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and disgusting (not illegal, though), but ironically we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals, as long as they are not called pets.

But for the vast majority of people on earth, cultural values are very different. Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures, and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich. You should try it some day! (if you are not vegetarian)

"Food dogs" are not pets and they have no names. They are bred and raised in farms, just like pigs, cows, lambs, chickens and other farm animals. They are usually put down "humanely" just like any other farm animal, usually by slitting the throat and bleeding the animal until it passes out. However some disturbing cases of food dogs being tortured before being slaughtered have been documented.

This series of photos shows the process involved in preparing a dog for dinner, from slautering to cutting-up, eviscerating, de-boning, cooking and of course eating! These photos were taken in Bac Ha, a small town in the Northern part of Vietnam, and in various markets of the region.

In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner, I just stumbled on the scene in the street and documented it, since I had my camera.

Date & GPS location
Photo taken on November 17, 2005
153, Bắc Hà District, Lao Cai, Vietnam
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they are tortured
they don't show how the animal is handled before and during slaughter. The seasoning starts with starving a tasered dog out of someone's farm. They stave the animal till it gets to a dealer where they can't eat due to the stress, so they pump rice and water into their stomachs and are shipped to slaughter, either a large warehouse type place doing hundreds a day, or artisanal folk in a butcher district who slaughter them to order, you can pick one out from a crowded cage if you like. The dog has watched all the other dogs brutally slaughtered, they are then grabbed with huge iron/rebar tongs and are swung around, clubbed on the nose or slammed on the ground, then boiled or blow-torched alive. After that, I get the culinary/cultural thing, just not the above. Ask me about my Asian neighbors over the past winter.
Yes It Dose Lets Hope The likes of Yulin Thailand India All Get it ! Mankind Should never ever Do This No Animal Mammal Should Ever Go Through Abuse Torture Slaughter ! We Are Caretakers Of our Planet We Should Protect all Life ! Mankind Dose not Own Any living Animal Mammal ! We can live with out meat ! Our planet is Dying ! All we Do is Take ! But never Give Back !
Problem one: you can never be sure if the dog was a pet or if it came from a farm. If I eat a hamburger I know for a fact it never slept in anyone's bed! Problem 2: if a cow is slaughtered they usually do it quickly and according to the law the animal should suffer as less as possible. If they slaughter a dog they prefer that is suffers as much as possible. Because supposedly it tastes better. Proble 3: tradition is not an excuse. Since pre historic times humans tend to eat prey animals such as cows, deer, sheep, etcetera rather than meat eaters suxh as wolves or tigers because they have less muscle and more suitable meat to eat. So I don't know why they strated doing this in Asia but just because people used to do it in 1800 doesn't mean you have to keep doing it. I'm happy we don't live and eat the way we did in 1800 in Europe!
eating dog is not a sin, adultery is a sin. muslim can't eat pig but others can, indian can't eat cow, others can. asians can eat dogs, IDIOTS cant.
In the western world, we can not, and choose not to understand other cultures, if it is not in our comfort zone. dogs in our region are domesticated. These are raised on farms, and are not social animals. They are treated like what they are for this area- livestock. If you put domesticated dogs together in a confined area, they will not stay domesticated. They will revert to natural instinct of survival of the fittest. just like people do. I do not like or agree with the practice of this, but it is part of who they are. These are very old cultures, and we, westerners are not even on the same time line of being in existence, in levels of where these societies have emerged from and changed through the years. we have no DYNASTIES. the difference is in the culture.
So Natasha means cows, pigeons are not intelligent...hens, pigs don't have emotions?
i just want to comment on natasha "Dogs are emotional animals and very social" so are pigs but i bet you eat bacon. btw i love animals but you cannot sit there and disrespect anothers culter. this just shows how close minded people can be.
This is sick. I also came across this disgusting page while looking for pictures to teach my son words. Dogs play a very big role in our lives and it has been proven that most criminals have either never had dogs or abused them. Dogs are emotional animals and very social. They have emotions (if any of you cold hearted dog eaters have noticed) So I do not care what your nationality or culture is, this animal is intelagent and is aware of everything arround it. I see no need what so ever to kill these animals for meat. They are not meatbearing animals like some cattle. They have saved many lives in the past, they comfort when we need and they are used for rehabilitaion of people, surely this should give enough grounds to not do this to these animals. I find it disgusting that humanity can make the decision on what lives and what dies for the delight of their tastebuds....who died and made YOU God anyway?
Do not say eating dog is a routine to ALL ASIAN. It is only you doing it. You do not represent ALL ASIAN. Disgusting!
this is horrible!!!!!!!!!! i love dogs and would never eat one. I think that dogs are man bests friend . I have 5 dogs and i would never think of killing them. i love them, there are part of my family and i will proctect them as one of brothers. If you dont like my post then you have no heart. Dogs are there to help the blind ,they are there to help kids with prombles in there life. Dogs are like kids they just want love and care.But you would still kill them won't you.... now think how would you feel about killing one of your family members how would you feel .... i dont care who you are if you agree or disagre this is wrong..And noooo.... i dont think dog can cure cancer so stop dreaming.
people...... Stop arguing at each others..........answer this question? If eating dog or cat can help cure cancer would you let your love one or you eat it? thank you
I am vegetarian, i don't like and can't eat any meat at all, but i don't really understand you guys. I mean, dogs are animals just like cows and chickens, pigs, horses. Why is sooooo evil to eat dogs or cats if you love eating other meat?????????? If you live on the farm and "hang out" with cows, chickens, pigs and then you eat them....isn't that the same as if you do that with dogs? Cruel, very cruel, but that is how it is. If i could choose i would choose all people to be vegetarian, but that won't happen and i have to accept it. Cultures are different, like in India cow is holy animal and they dont eat it, here people don't eat their pets.
@ Right The bible says what? You ought to be kidding me! Which century are you from??? The bible also said to some people to sacrifice their sons to god. Now would you?
I have read several comments on this page. Some make sence and some dont. In reality an animal is an animal, every type of meat we can eat, according to the bible, with some exeptions to some specifically that we can't; and science has proven why we can't, because they are poisonous. They only thing that the Bible condems is killing for pleasure. If we kill to eat, its alright. Back in the old days, dogs were not treated as pets, they were like every other animals, just food. and about the soul, according to biblical dictionary, souls is actually the body and the spirit is the energy that we have that keeps us alive. People were commenting that dogs dont have a soul, but in reality every living thing is a soul. The thing the separate humans and animals is that animals dont have a consious, they act upon instinc. We, humans, in the other hand do have a consious, we can distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. We can reason and figure things out if something is approprite to do. Now about eating dogs, that is not a necessity now and days. We have an abundent of meat to eat. If we need to eat dog then we can, but its not something that common to do with this generation. We see dogs as pets now.
I'm asian, i am doing a exhibition on abandoned cats and dogs. I love dogs and i don't think eating dogs is good. My friends dad once ate dog meat and got a him fever! i hate it when people goes ilk "yum yum yum" to dog meat. :'(
I'm agree with you that is sick, but I don't understand and I deny that you defined that most of asian countries eat dog. of course human has different emotion about dog compared with cow or chicken. I know that, so that's why most people don't like this and say it's sick. maybe as like this photo, some of part of asaia countires eat dog meat, but now in theses day, most of gerneration in Asia don't eat dog meat because they are getting more emotion to dog like life partner not as meat and they love dog. In addition, Like other people said, what is that different between dog and others, how about horse, how about rabbit, In my oppinion, this writer or uploader has unfair thought. We have to know that we can't judge other culture with unfair idea, otherwise we make the mistake of hasty generalization
Why would you treat dog meat any different than Cow, Chicken and Pig meat etc? It's all the same thing. Animals, Of course all of them are being capable of being a pet. But that doesn't mean that this is so cruel and wrong. Look at your precious "normal" animal-farms and watch the "difference" There is none. Several times has torture and similiar things been documented on american, european, asian farms. Dog Farms, Cow Farms, Chicken Farms, Pig Farms. It's all nutrients! Feeling sorry for a dog which is being saluted and hailed as a precious food to help mankind survive is just stupid. I know for a fact that if you were Hungry, You wouldn't say no even if you did know the dog. You'd probably start liking the meat as well. I have never eaten dog. I speak my own mind. If you flame me, you're a little girl/boy with no sense what so ever.
this is one of the most discussting things did you know that dogs carry Botulism is something that you would be at high risks for catching and here dogs are not meat chicken and pigs are food not dogs but dogs are not the best to eat there great for friends thought i have one and he would give his life for me and i would never think about having dog soup.
unless you are vegan/vegetarian, you have no logical debate to be picky about what species you eat. not only cuddly animals suffer. no one needs to eat any animal for protein in the West, unless u are a hunter gatherer living in the wild. you damage less plants and environment by not eating animals. any animal can be a pet if you raise him/her from birth. animals shouldn't have to do something for humans in order to avoid suffering. they deserve to be free from suffering in their own right. animals kill each other to survive, we kill for gluttony alone and don't give a second thought to the terror and broken limbs, cysts, urine burns, eye infections and mental torture and long suffering life of cows, pigs and poultry. NO ANIMALS ARE NOT TREATED HUMANELY ON FACTORY FARMS IN THE WEST. THEY ARE BEATEN TO DEATH IF THE STUN GUN DOES NOT RENDER THEM UNCONSCIOUS. Sick animals are also killed by smashing the skull as well.
I read somewhere that pigs are more intelegent than dogs.does that stop poeple from eating them?no Humans cannot survive on plant life alone, there are minerals and nutrition to consider.Hey plants are also alive,life is a living organism meant to be recycled .Its a dog eat dog world,its always been like this,its mother nature doing its thing. Just researched my ancestors and they ate dog as well,maybe yours did too.
Physiologically, dogs, cats cows, sheep and pigs all have nervous systems, all can feel happiness, pain and empathy. The most important issue is not what species is being eaten, but how the animal is treated before and during death.
so what . In the pacific Islands up to about 150 tyears ogo they ate their enemies (humans).. Give me puppy pie any time
@Cultural tolerance thanks for your excellent comment. hopefully some people who visit this page will read it.
i think you are wright it is cruel and people should not do this to dogs at all.
people shouldent be aloud to do this it is very crule it should STOP.THIS WAS WRITTEN BY A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL!
Dogs have been genetically modified by humans over the mellinia to be our companions and to help us survive. They respond to us in a way that no other creature on earth does. I personally feel it is wring to eat dogs because of this. I feel that we should return the favor that they have given us. They watched our back for centuries, it is time we watched theirs.
Dogs might be Americans' best friends, but what make you think the people who eat dogs treat dogs as best friends.
why on eath want to eat a dog its cruel.
people say pitbulls are bad dogs, well u know what i love pitbulls, they are only mean when they are bread to fight. i had a pitbull, and i know what its like to have one you need to disciplin it. they are the best dogs in the world, and now people are killing dogs for food, obviously dogs will fight back thats their instinks, that wil only make them more feirce.
people should not eat dogs anyway. thats not something good. you know they have feeling. we have a second like because we have souls, but they dont, so let lem live out their life.
I believe that everyone is equal. In christian belief all are equal except for human beings. God has created animals for us to domain over. Also I do think animals have souls and all animals are to be treated equally. Yes its sad to see dogs being slaughtered but if you were in a country that only serve dog as meat what else would you do? In my perception its sick to eat dogs but its not bad.
I stumbled on this image after google searching the word "dog" to try and teach my son different words (obviously I did NOT show him this). So out of morbid curiosity I clicked, and what I find more interesting then the photo really are all the people yelling and screaming at one another over something that they have no control over. Is it really nessecary to call someone names and tell them they are going to H E double hockey sticks over this? Let's look at it scientifically. Weather or not something does or does not have a soul has nothing to do with this, nobody has ever seen a "soul" it is not in an anatomy book therefore it is not proven fact that one exists. It is a man made concept based in religion so you can't rely get mad at someone for saying animals do or do not have would because that's their personal opinion and everyone is entitled to one weather we agree with it or not. There is no difference between a dog cow pig or a human, we are ALL animals. In fact some animals eat humans. To quote the Lion King "we are all connected in the circle of life." Humans are just more advanced animals and we all have our place in the food chain. It's also not fair to call names at someone just because they're culture is different from yours. We eat cow in America but to some cultures cows are sacred and reincarnated ancestors. We also eat pig and to other cultures that is taboo as they see the pig as being unclean. Don't bash others for their beliefs just because they are different from your own. Just because in Western society we were taught that certain animals are not food doesn't mean the whole world shares our western ideals. These people are not murderors or condemned, they are just people like the rest of us doing what they have to do to survive. Not everyone can live the vegan lifestyle as nature did not intend humans to be herbavores, nature gave us specialized teeth for tearing flesh as omnivores meaning to consume both meat and plant matter. Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle and a choice. Therefore just because you choose not to consume meat does not make you better then the ones that do. If that's your choice then fine more power to you but it isn't necessary to pounce on the ones that don't share in your values and ideals.
well.. as long as we make dog dead comfortably then it wouble ok to eat dog.. nothing wrong with eat dog. u think this is a horrible act but..
its really about eastern vs western views here... in the East... dog is consider best friend but at certain times their meat is necessary for survival..whilst in the West dogs is also considered friends but at times they are used for pleasure...thats the can even do your research on this
interesting. i would love to try it sometimes. does it taste like a pig or like a sheep? this is what we should do with dogs without owners that they catch on the street. solving a big problem. no more money spent on them and more food for us.
It's not ''ironical''! Dogs are PETS, not food animals, you are sick! Ironically.. and all the commenters, why are you stating that animals don't have souls? Or with other words they don't feel. Well, they feel - so how can they not have souls? And can you even proove we have them? And religion is not food. I understand that some cultures have animals for saints, but not any religion or culture states that you have to KILL AND EAT any animal. Not one. Please correct me if I am wrong - not likely. Don't state that dogs are same as cows. If you're going to say I eat cows and pigs too, I'm a vegeterian. P.
Whoever said animals don't have souls? Seriously? Are people really that stupid, that they think they can decide what does and does not have a soul to ease their conscience?
I think that this is just ridiculous. I get the hole fact that they are animals, and have no souls, but they feel pain- plus dogs are just much cuter than cows- but i don't eat beef very often either. Plus what about all those religions that believe in re-incarnation- who knows you could be eating your mother or grandma- EWWWWWW
itz not cruel....but the idea is good.....there r a lot of sray dogs in india....all the hindus can follow this blessed systyem.....
Dog's don't have souls, and neither do cows or chickens or any other animal. They are living, but they do not have a soul. And God gave man dominion over the animals, both to protect and to use them for his own purpose. I see nothing wrong with this.
Pshh. You don't hear about Hindus attacking our consumption of cattle. Why should it be different with dogs?
i was introiducing my 2 year old daghtoer to dogs and thanks to you she wont go near them now THANKS ALOT
It's not a cruel thing in other culters though I do know that usually the dogs that are eaten are usually wild dogs. Not sure if this is but I really don't know what to say.
Cultures aren't sacred. They can change. They have changed. They must change, including the Western one.
Okay you must understand the culture to understand why eating a dog isn't horrible to them. Eating dog in those countries is like eating caviar here, but eating dog is also a spiritual thing to them. It means close to the heart and soul. Don't call them "inhumane" and "stupid" because that's their culture. They're no more in the wrong then you are eating chicken, beef, or pork because all animals have souls and are precious. Like I said, it's a spiritual thing, eating a dog. How would you like if one of them came up to YOU and called you stupid because of your religion? Not nice. It may be sad to you, but don't call their culture names.
You guys are stupid to be killing dogs, dogs are not things to eat. There's a beautiful gift from god.. if i ever see somone doing this to innocent dogs, they'll have too deal with the Animal Rights.. so stop bragging about this type of cruelty.. grow up. & go hunt a moose.
insaneeee....they eat almost everything whales,snakesand now dogsss.....disguisting
hmmm.... at least in Korea, It is hard to find somone who eat dog meat for routine diet... and not all people in Korea eat dog meat. I don't eat dog meat but I think eatting dog meat is not a wrong thing. Human is not photoautotrph or chemoautotroph. So human have to eat other organism to survie.... Even vegetarian eat plants... and "specific specise eating the other specific specise" is not a way pray chain working. so it is okay to eatting dog meat... I think... Sorry for my poor grammar and voca skills. English is not my mother-tongue laguage.
what?? killing a dog and eating it ??? and people are wondering why wont the dog stand up for its self?? cause it is a loving creature that will not harm man kind. dog is mans best friend and like other animals like pigs fish and frog just because there not really the same as dogs they still should be treated kindly. nature were killing it why cant we eat some things that are plants. did you know that a pizza is made from only plants? its true and it tastes good. have you ever watched the movie Under Dog if you have the dog saves people. real dogs that are not in a movie can do the save things even without super powers. help a dog from not being killed if you don't then thats one more dog to the next world. i am sorry for dogs in that place. sob.....
i feel sorry, the same way i feel sorry for the cow when i eat a burger, and i feel sorry for the pig when i eat a sausage or ham. and i feel sorry for the chicken when i eat chicken. it's no different.
you got that right
Dont you feel sorry for the dog? How dare people do this! This is indignant...I feel sorry for the dog. If I see you doing this to an innocent dog, you'll have to deal with what the Animal Rights is going to say to you. PLease...stop bragging about this type of cruelty...
I'm a Korean, and I do not eat dogs... Only few people in Korea eat dogs... That photo makes me disgusting... omg
But pigs are more intelligent than dogs. pigs are relatively smart, they show affection, they are sweet, they can be sad..l. will you also eat someone you see eating pig meat?
Eating dogs is like eating dolphins!! they are relatively smart, they show affection, they are sweet, they can be sad... they have a soul and like to be loved! If i ever see someone eating a dog, i WILL eat him!!
Those of you who worry and sympathize animal rights just look into how cruel you are being to your fellow human beings. Talk of animal rights looks so cheap when your governments are doing genocides and atrocities all over the world. Especially members of NATO are guilty of crimes against humanity by mass murdering their fellow human being. There are no consecutive 30 days after the making of NATO that went in peace and when NATO has not done any crime against humanity. No body says a word about them and over here you are talking about animal rights.
omg i am such a dog lover why the hell would you f****ing eat dogs i am so mad write now by the why dog hater
Guys, this is entirely different culture, stop hating. They don't torture animals to death, they are killed humanely just as our livestock is. Plus, Pigs are literally just as intelligent as six year old human. I'm a vegetarian. I think it's wrong to eat ANY animal, though it's arguable and there are exceptions and what not... But come on, if this were a pig you guys wouldn't be so inflamed and in a few countries, including the U.S., PEOPLE KEEP PIGS AS PETS. They are very loving and loyal and easily trainable. And look- Sheep share literally 95% of human DNA. Does that make us 95% canibals if we've ever eaten lamb or Jack's beff jerky? No. We eat them anyway. If dogs are so special compared to pigs or sheep or cows, then you have the wrong idea. I own two dogs. I own a cat. I grew up eating pigs and cows. IF ANY OF YOU GREW UP EATING DOGS, YOU WOULDN'T CARE! I think in a different way, however, and feel that dogs are - or at least nearly - equal to pigs orcows, so I don't eat them. Stop being angry and use your logic and common sense, people.
I think that eating dog is the most retarted thing in the world. they are alot more playful than stupid pig and cow. they can go get a ball and pigs and cow they just sit how can you even do that to a dog.cut it up to the bone what if someone cut you to the bone and you were all playful. what do you think of that. if you would stop people would put more better comments on this stupid thing.i had a dog BUT I DID NOT CUT THE DOG TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO FIND SOMETHING OTHER THAN A NICE DOG TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They eat dog like we eat cow. Does it make any difference? You say you don't eat dog cause you got one? Thats so twisted. So if you had a cow, you wouldn't eat beef? If you had a pig you wouldn't eat pork? It is twisted but thats just what cultures are. If you are against it, don't comment such useless comments.
In all seriousness, people should stop complaining about this. This is a DIFFERENT CULTURE!!!!!!! Yea, we live in America, we don't eat dog. But some countries don't eat cows or pigs or pork cuz it's disrespectful to their gods or whatever their reason is. That's their way of life and it should be respected. And all you vegetarians...shut the hell up. You need protein to be completely healthy whether you want to believe it or not. (I personally only eat white meat cuz dark meat is disgusting.) I don't like the thought of eating Dogs because here in America we treat them like our best friends, but that's simply in America, not in Asia. Get. Over. It.
I agree wicked wrong i mean when i was younger i ate a little meat but not much and eating dog is different i mean there pets total vegi now and proud of it
that is just plain nasty what kind of people would do that sick people cultural, but wrong
F*** them im a vegetarian to and thats sick i mean i no its there culture and all but i could never eat dog its sad
sometines the truth is cruel and not funny.
thats disgusting and offensive and when you wrote"In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner" that is cruel aND not FUNNY!!!!!
So I'm guessing all the carnivores on the planet are cruel and evil? Tigers eat deer, frogs eat flies and humans eat whatever is available to them. If you want someone to blame, blame the maker/god where the concept of life originated from.
I think it is cruel to eat any animal, Kevin. I find it even more offensive that they eat dogs because I own one. Therefore, STFU!
Get over it ....if some people in asia eat dogs..theres no reasons to judge if thats what they eat then let it be no point can't expect someone to act and eat like youu ..and if you dont like the wbesite then why bother looking at it at the first place
Please do not kill animals. They do not like that feeling. That would be like you dying and laying down with your body cut open. So PLEASE do not do this NO more. THank you, byye!
the option to buy cards and prints is available for my 10,000 photos. but i agree that it's unlikely someone would want to buy a greeting card with this one.
Why would anybody buy this picture as a greeting card?!
canibalism is different. dogs and pigs are non-human animals, and eating non-human meat is usually acceptable in most cultures. some cultures consider that some animals should not be eaten , but it depends on the culture. for example, in india, cows (beef) should not be eaten.
I'm guessing since meat is meat, then cannibalism is alright too. Your logic makes no sense so trying thinking things through before posting something very hypocritical yourself. Unless of course you eat human flesh.
could someone translate this in english?
Inshallah is masoom bholay dog ko jisney eating kia hai vo zaroor jahnam mein jaey ga
should people just respect the Western culture then? Is it the only one acceptable? Then you say you are superior because you have pork chicken and beef at your disposal? It's not like that all over the world. Grow up.
and you are prejudiced.
What about horses? Dolphins? whales? Horses do our heavy work for us and they're ok to be eaten? All animals with well developed brains have feelings. Please do not use cruelty, insane and abuse, to some cultures these words are merely prejudice and insult. If you were in a place where chicken, pork and beef is a rare commodity you wouldn't think the same with hunger gnawing at your stomach. Eating pets is not the issue here, the dogs as stated in the article are raised as live stock not pets. There is so much diversity in the world. There is always a reason why people eat what they eat. In some places people would even eat insects because of lack of meat, poverty, war, scarcity etc.. to some it is because of belief. I am Asian and dog delicacies are common in our place, but I do not eat dog too but I would never DARE JUDGE other people for doing so. BECAUSE I BELIEVE THERE ARE OTHER CULTURES BESIDES MY OWN. I am also surprised and disgusted by eating dog and I do not support animal cruelty of any sort, but I do not down right label EATING DOG as wrong SINCE I STILL EAT MEAT. People who keep saying this is cruelty is a total hypocrite in my opinion unless they are VEGAN. This article is written not to disgust people but to INFORM them on some facts not acceptable to their own culture..because I think the author only WANTS TO SHARE HIS EXPERIENCE NOT INSULT OR PROMOTE CRUELTY. Those are two different things. TELLING THE AUTHOR TO PUT THIS ARTICLE DOWN IS DOWNRIGHT SELFISH. IT WASN'T WRITTEN FOR YOUR SAKE ONLY JEEEZ. IF YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE THEN DON'T READ IT OR JUST LEAVE A POLITE RESPONSE. People are bred to think right?? SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST RUDE, NARROW MINDED AND JUDGE MENTAL. Your ideals aren't only the ideals in the world.. please THINK and READ before you speak..
What about horses? Dolphins? whales? Horses do our heavy work for us and they're ok to be eaten? All animals with well developed brains have feelings Autumn. Please do not use insane and abuse, to some cultures these words are merely prejudice and insult. If you were in a plce where chicken, pork and beef is a rare commodity you wouldn't think the same with hunger gnawing at your stomach. Eating pets is not the issue here, the dogs as stated in the article are raised as live stock not pets.
What if people scream at you and say "We hate people who eat cows and pork coz they're sacred to us? We hate your damn guts too!!" Got the picture?? Respect please.
then don't eat chicken, don't you know I'm a chicken lover??? LOL
Mayuresh Thease man are very cruail.....the dog are loving pets in almost country .in INDIA the dog knows as Lord Datts avatar then how thease mans eat dog meat this is so disgasting and you are big fool that you create a web on that subject. Close this site now.
I am astounded by all the accusations of 'cruelty'. Grow up! Meat is meat - unless there is documented evidence of torture it is NOT cruel to eat a dog. People making these comments need to see how the real world operates outside of their comfortable , parochial middle class existence.
not to mention all the nuts that we eat, and the corn and wheat flour we use to make bread. a nut is a seed, i.e. it's just like an unborn fetus.
"save the dogs, save the animals, poor little creatures, we're so unique and SUPER because we care about animals" - this seems to be some sort of fad people MUST be a part of. How dare of some you ranting and raving over what people do to eat in unfortunate countries. If people don't have many choices of what kind of meat they have to eat, they should eat dogs. But these animal lovers are too ignorant and thick minded, they can never understand what people suffer through. It's nature, it's eat or be eaten. If some species were to out compete humans on food and shelter, I wouldn't have a problem with it, it's nature, that's how it's been for millions of year. One species will always be the dominate species, and will do what ever it can to survive and BE the top species. I'm proud of being a human and being the top species, and I'm proud of what my human cousins do on other parts of the world to survive, and I'm disappointed on humans who believe it's wrong, because if you try to mess with nature, you're basically messing with God's work.
that la nhan tam tai sao lai co nguoi ac den nhu the con cho trong nha no co lam j dau sao p giet no chu
ihate you eating dogs eat somthing else apart from aniamls they DONT DESERVE IT U DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL
I agree, as long as that animal has been treated with respect and had humane handling and living conditions. Not shoved in a cage with 10 other dogs then have a painful and cruel part of their life with torture, leading up to a painful life. Where is the human and animal rights in this world. Some people are sick in the head!!!
I agree. An animal is an animal therefore it shall be eaten if edible. However i don't agree how the animals are treated. Every animal has feelings and some have emotional feelings. If you want to eat dog meat, treat it well and take the animals welfare into consideration. I live on a dairy and beef farm. The beef cows have top notch treatment and they are treated with respect and like a living being, not a bit of heartless meat. If the dogs lived in kennels, had food, water, walked etc ('a dogs life') then killed in a humane manner, then fine. No problm at all.
Can i just line out.....we in UK have a very high standard of animal and human rights. I am doing a degree on animal welfare and i agree that humans are the 'pack leaders' we rule this world 'unfortunately in some respect' animals give nothing to us apart from love, companionship and are workers (horse and dogs etc). Any animal is lower than us in the food chain and is meat. As i said without humans this earth would be wild, so we need to feed off something. However i have a problem with the way these people are keeping these animals and the welfare issues over in other countries is horrific and upsetting. If the dogs were kept in healthy conditions and well looked after, and killed in a ethical way (a bolt gun that they cant feel as its an instant shock to the brain) then that is fine. People in other countries are not educated in how animals brains work, they are arrogant in some respect. Religious slaughter is another issue as they put the animals through stress and a painful death. Unfortuntely we as individuals cannot do anything to stop this. It is their culture and as mad and upset we get we cant do anything. Morals in life have gone out the window. Religion plays a massive part in this. When i become a welfare officer i will help all those innocent animals have a better life. Even though i am not a vegetarian, i dont eat meat produced from other countries. I am very strong and passionate about animal welfare and i wrap my animals in cotton wool (not literally) and they have the best life! No doubt the thought of shooting a person who has been cruel to animal which i come across, will cross my mind! So all you animal lovers, remember that we as humans need food to survive. Respect to thoses vegetarians but you most likely wear make up etc etc which has meat sources. meat is ok to eat as long as the animals have had a good life and their welfare has been taken into consideration.
what you say is true of any animal, not just dog. so i hope you are vegetarian. if not, you are a hypocrite!
if animals should not be eaten because they are smart, then why do people eat pigs? studies have found that pigs are smarter than dogs. pigs are more intelligent animals than dogs, yet many people have no problems at all eating pigs. dogs are "man's best friends" in the western culture. in arabic culture, dogs are not best friends, and calling someone a dog is the worst insult! dogs are considered vermin in arabic culture. in asian culture, they are seen as just another animal that is good for meat. do you eat cow? hamburgers are made with cow. do you know that in india, cows are a sacred animal, and eating cow is seen as barbaric, sacrilegous, and it is a crime. if you eat cow, you should be aware of that.
and 1 mo' thing! Dogs are not pigs, chicken, turkey , cow , horse [don't eat] , or sheep [blech!] Dogs are SMART one even saved a little boy! I even saw it. The boy was in the middle of the road when a "FedEx" car was coming and the dog [Mutt i think] jumped in the road and grabbed the Boy! This is NOT A lie and i dont eat pigs, chicken, turkey , cow , horse [don't eat] , or sheep [blech!] Well only turkey on thanksgiving.. BUT thats another thing! Dogs are people! Not food! Like from finding nemo "fish [dog] are friends, not food!" ya see! but it should go like this... "Dogs are friends, Not food!" Please, just give them 1more chance and they'll show you. If they be mean, then its becuase your mean too them! I mean what did they do to you?
Vegan? Lol. But uh yea i agree with ya (guest) or whoever said "vegan"
And dogs are people to. Made from god, and so were Koreans soo all i'm saying is "Would you like it if someone were too cut you open and eat your insides?"
:( What ever happened to Dogs BEST friend!!!?!?! i have 2 dogs. That i Love, and its so sad that u eat dogs!!! I mean, dogs need too live!!!! Would you like it if someone cut you open and ate your insides? NO!
Don't you eat cows? Haven't you heard how McDonalds kills it cows and chickens?