splitting dog skull - thịt chó - vietnam

splitting dog skull - thịt chó - vietnam, brain, butcher, carcass, dead dog, dog head, food dog, raw meat, teeth, vietnam

Before eating the dog: Skull is split to extract the brain.

This photo is part of a series called Thịt chó: eating a (hot) dog. A lots of interesting comments and reactions have been posted on the various photo sites where this series has been published.

WARNING: These images are graphic, not suitable for kids and people with a weak stomach!

Western culture considers that eating a dog is cruel, barbaric and disgusting (not illegal, though), but ironically we have no problem eating all other sorts of animals as long as they are not called pets.

But for the vast majority of people on earth, cultural values are very different. Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some asian cultures, and indeed cooked dog meat is very tasty and protein rich. You should try it some day! (if you are not vegetarian)

"Food dogs" are not pets and they have no names. They are bred and raised in farms, just like pigs, cows, lambs, chickens and other farm animals. They are usually put down "humanely" just like any other farm animal, by slitting the throat and bleeding the animal until it passes out.­ However some disturbing cases of food dogs being tortured before being slaughtered have been documented.

This series of photos shows the process involved in preparing a dog for dinner, from slautering to cutting-up, eviscerating, de-boning, cooking and of course eating! These photos were taken in Bac Ha, a small town in the Northern part of Vietnam, and in various markets of the region.

In case you are wondering, I did not order the dog for dinner, I just stumbled on the scene in the street and documented it, since I had my camera.

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i dont eat any meat. Everybody should only eat vegetables. Eating any meat is stupid and ridiculous. Most of people on Earth should die. Specially people who eat meat. The Earth would be so much cleaner if only we the vegetarians were here. And this is not an opinion - this is the only truth.
a dog is a man's best friend !... Every culture has its own taboo's... Some cultures and people condem the eating of horse meat, others find it a delicacy. That is not the point. The point is that there should be moderation... I do eat meat, but I do not buy my meat at the shop. I kill the animal that delivers my protein. Maybe we should all do that and consider eating a little less of it, because honestly... it is never a pleasant act !
u only care about the dogs because they are 'cute' im sure youve tried meats before such as chicken, pork and beef. those animals live in their own shit everyday and then die to be eaten but as soon as domestic animals are found to be a source of food ... its an outrage
You say that because you have a soft spot for dogs Linda. Have you eaten a hamburger or a piece of chicken lately?
so do you think that god sent a tsunami to japan because japanese people eat sushi? if that was the case, i'm affraid a very big disaster will happen in the US, because of all the meat that is being consumed there.
God has a way of dealing with these backward, barbaric countries - its called a 'natural disaster' where thousands of dog eating scum perish! The sad fact is that the animals have to perish in these 'disasters' too, but better that than this horrific practice! Check out Network For Animals, they expose the whole truth of what happens to these poor dogs. GO VEGGIE AND LIVE!!!!!!!!!!
fucking gross man cant they just eat each other and no they CHOKE there dogs with rope so get the fucking point straight and they skin there kittens alive in a pot of boling water im so glad america got the fuck out of there .they problably ate sum americans on the way :) haha